About Us

LA Galaxy Conejo Valley (formerly Conejo Valley United Soccer Club) has operated continuously in the city of Thousand Oaks and surrounding communites since the 1980s.

We strive to provide the highest quality soccer education for boys and girls aged 5 through 19.

Our Vision, Our Mission and our Values


Our vision is a community where the lives of our children and young adults are enhanced by playing competitive soccer at LA Galaxy Conejo Valley (“LAGCV”).


To achieve our vision we will focus on developing each young soccer player to achieve their full potential on the competitive field of play as well as in the field of life. We will strive to provide the best soccer training through coaches and trainers who have the correct ability and motivation, and who embody our core values. We will strive to provide our players the best facilities possible.


  • We will operate with the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • All parties to any decision will be treated with respect, compassion, integrity, honesty and humanity.
  • At all times we will choose the decision path that provides the best end result for our participating families, and the future of our community.
  • Today’s decisions will be made in the context of both today and tomorrow, asking the question, “How will this decision affect the future of LAGCV and the future of our community?”


Welcome to LA Galaxy Conejo Valley, formerly Conejo Valley United Soccer Club.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to our club and our philosophy, which quite frankly, is very different from many clubs around us.

Soccer in America has evolved from a game played largely by foreigners and their children to the number one participation sport in the country. This is especially true in southern California where ideal weather conditions, a large influx of European and Latin and Central American immigrants and a great infrastructure have propelled the game to new heights. While this evolution has been by and large positive, it has created a new and different environment.

Many parties have large financial stakes in this new industry: from Nike and Adidas to the clubs that are run primarily for the benefit of their paid employees. These tend to be large business enterprises, which may lead to sacrificing the long term development of players for instantaneous success that can be gained through recruiting.

This is where LAGCV is different! LAGCV has always maintained a priority structure in which the player is of foremost importance. What does that mean in practice?

We view our soccer club primarily as a soccer school. The development of the player is the number one priority. The focus of our club is to provide the highest level of “soccer education” to the athlete. To further this goal, we are very fortunate to include some of the most respected coaches in our club that includes trainers with Olympic Development, College and high level club experience.

It also means that our focus is primarily on teaching the game of soccer, rather than winning at any cost. While it is the goal of every competitor to win the contest they enter, it is abundantly clear that the only way they can do so in the long run is if we provide them with the technical skills and tactical awareness necessary to succeed at the higher levels. Add an environment that is positive and conducive to risk taking and you have the right ingredients for the successful development of soccer players at the highest level.

If this is the kind of environment you are looking for, please contact the coach for your age group, or me, to see how we can share a positive, successful and fun soccer experience.

Doug Easton, President