Online Registration

Before You Begin:

  • Player Acceptance into the program: 
    • Before beginning online player registration you must have a Player Assignment Code. This code will ensure that your player is assigned to the correct LAGCV team and will select the correct club dues amount for that specific team
    • Player assignment codes are issued only after you have been offered a roster position on a team
    • A team assignment code can only be used once for one player
  • Payment: 
    • You may choose to pay by credit card, eCheck or check
    • During online registration you may choose to make a single payment or a series of installment payments
    • If the installment payment option is chosen and you choose to pay by check then a post-dated check for each installment payment must be submitted
    • A discount is offered if you choose to make a single payment by check or eCheck
    • If paying by check or a series of post dated checks then they must be submitted before your registration will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to “LA Galaxy Conejo Valley”
  • Installment payments schedule: 
    • You may choose the number of monthly installment payments
    • You must be fully paid up by Sept 15
  • Financial Assistance: 
    • Any financial assistance must be applied for at the time of registration and approved by the club
    • Complete online registration using the normal process choosing either payment by credit card or check and selecting an installment plan if desired. After you have completed online registration your payment balance will be adjusted by any financial assistance amount approved
    • The family receiving financial assistance will be required to supply additional volunteer hours to support club activities
  • Delinquent payments:
    • Any player delinquent in dues could have their player card taken and be removed from participating in any club/team activities
    • Players returning to the club from a prior season must have fulfilled their prior season financial obligations before their current season application will be accepted
  • Player Name:
    • The players name must be entered EXACTLY as it appears on their birth certificate, regardless of what they may be called or may use as a nickname. This is a National Youth Soccer Rule. Please also enter their birth date carefully
  • Pictures:
    • Make sure that you have a recent headshot photo of your player on your computer so you can upload it during registration
    • Contact the LAGCV registrar at: if you need assistance sizing or uploading the photo
  • Player birth date verification:
    • Players who did not play for LAGCV in a prior season must submit a valid form of birth date verification for verification by the club registrar. The original will be returned
    • The only valid forms of birth date verification are an original (or certified copy) of the players’ birth certificate or a current passport

After Completing the Online Portion of Player Registration

  • Submit the following to your team manager or club registrar: